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Welcome to Pakistan’s leading online retailer for camera and studio gear, Foto Trade Store. The terms and conditions listed below apply to all of our activities, not just the website, and include any other services we provide. You indicate that you understand and agree with our terms and conditions when you use our website. You can stop using our website if you do not agree with these.

Without giving prior notice, Foto Trade Store retains the exclusive right to add to, alter, or modify any of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions. Any modifications made to the terms of the site will be regarded as taking effect right away. We counsel our clients to review any Terms and Conditions frequently to maintain

Use of the Website

You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old or using this website with parental or guardian permission by visiting it. Subject to knowing and accepting the specified Terms & Conditions for any of the items offered for sale, access of the website is entirely free. It is expressly forbidden to use this website for any commercial endeavors or on behalf of a third party. The use license that was granted to you will be revoked immediately upon violation of any of the specified T&C.
The information on the website is purely for your information. The website’s vendors, not Foto Trade Store, are responsible for any product representations that are made there. Due to the nature of photography, in certain situations, the visual depiction may differ from the actual goods. Furthermore, we do not necessarily agree with any thoughts or comments made by visitors to the website.

The website offers several features and services that call for registration. You agree to submit accurate and current information and are responsible for notifying us of any changes to the information given if you want to register for the related benefits. Users of the website are entirely responsible for maintaining the privacy of their usernames and passwords. You are personally liable for any actions taken using your account. You are required to alert us right once if your account is subject to any illegal access. For any loss brought on by illegal use of your account, the website disclaims all liability.

When you register on our website, you agree to be notified about promotions and new products via emails. If you do not wish to receive these emails you may unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any such email.
User Submissions Everything that you post or submit on our website will be considered our exclusive property, this may include but is not limited to comments and reviews. All such submissions are non-returnable and any claims to return them will not be entertained. The website reserves the sole right to change, or delete any such submissions but is not obligated to do so every time. You are obliged to provide your correct name, email, and personal address among other details. Any of your submissions grants us the right to use your provided username. By using the website, you also agree that you will not under any circumstance attempt to mislead us by pretending to be someone else or by posting false reviews about our products.

Orders & Pricing

It should be noted that on certain occasions the website may not be able to process your order. The website reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. Furthermore, the acceptance of your order is subject to the verification of your personal and credit card details. In certain instances, you may be asked to provide additional information to verify your identity to us.
In order to prevent any payment fraud, the website reserves the right to verify your personal information or ask for validation of your payment before shipping the product to you. The website may also ask you to verify your account via your ID card, bank information, and your personal address. If you fail to provide the required information within two days after receiving the respective notification your order will be automatically canceled. The website may also cancel any order if we suspect any chance of card fraud.
The website does its best to provide accurate information about the product pricing, however, the possibility of erroneous information cannot be ruled out. In case a product price is inaccurately displayed on the website we reserve the right to cancel the respective order. However, we may contact you (at our sole discretion) for any further instructions should the order you place be on a product with inaccurate pricing. We may cancel your order and notify you regarding the cancellation regardless of whether your order was confirmed or your card had been charged.

Copyrighting & Trademarks

On the website, all intellectual property (whether registered or unregistered) shall remain our exclusive property, which is protected under the Pakistani Copyright laws and international conventions. The intellectual property on the website includes but is not limited to software, source codes, designs, logos, layouts, videos, audio, photos, etc. All rights reserved.

Limitation of Liability

The website provides you all content, information, services, and products on an ‘as is’ basis, unless specified otherwise in writing. We do not make any warranty or representation about products, content, information, or services unless stated otherwise. If you continue to use our website you agree that you are using the site at your own risk.

Electronic Communication

When you send us a text, write a comment, email us you are communicating with the website electronically. By communicating with the website, you grant us the right to communicate with you electronically. You also provide consent to the fact that all communications provided to you by the website satisfy all legal requirements that such communication is in writing.

Applicable Laws & Jurisdiction

Pakistani laws shall govern the T&C of using this website and should be interpreted accordingly.
By continuing your use of this website you accept the Jurisdiction of Pakistani courts and laws while simultaneously waiving any objection on basis of your location.


Foto Trade  Store reserves the right to terminate the T&C immediately in addition to any other legal actions. The website also has the right to revoke your license as well as the rights granted to you by its Terms and Conditions. In any such case, you agree to stop using the website and acknowledge the rights of the website to revoke all account details (which include but are not limited to your username, password, personal address, and financial information) and deny you complete or partial site access. However, the termination of the T&C does not affect the respective rights and obligations of any of the parties such as payment obligations and others, arising before the date of termination. Furthermore, you agree that the website cannot be held liable to you or any other party for revocation of your license, partial access, or termination. In case you disagree with any of the Terms and Conditions stated above, you should immediately discontinue your use of the website.
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